West Kendall OBGYN

West Kendall OBGYN

Our Mission

We are here to provide the highest quality of care and empower women with knowledge, so together we make the greatest impact on transforming women’s health care.

Our History

West Kendall OBGYN has emerged as a premier OBGYN practice in South Florida with locations in Kendall, Doral and West Kendall. A lifetime dream of its founders Dr. Sirven and Dr. Arronte, who trained together in Long Island, New York and moved back to South Florida, to make their dream a reality. They were joined by one of the most talented and caring physicians, Dr. Perfetto, who trained in Venezuela and in Peoria, Illinois. Together this dedicated trio makes a strong team and has grown into a family.  As one, they are focused on women’s health care – it is their priority, it is their passion.

Our name has become synonymous with West Kendall Baptist Hospital and since its inception, we are by far, the number one provider of the largest number of delivery services at this institution. Together, we’ve helped develop the Family Practice Residency Program for Florida International University’s School of Medicine. This is our way of giving back to our community, through educating the youth and welcoming the new doctors of tomorrow.

We are extremely proud to have the lowest Cesarean Section rate in South Florida’s obstetrics community as a result of our work ethic, team approach and unparalleled communications. Each of our doctors is uniquely qualified, but acting as ONE team, we are stronger. Our doctors are trained in minimally invasive surgery obtaining worldwide recognition through COMEIG. All we encompass is for the sole purpose of providing the best health care possible to all women.

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About West Kendall OBGYN
West Kendall OBGYN is a leading obstetrics and gynecology practice that provides excellent care to the women of Miami. We have three offices conveniently located throughout South Florida in Kendall, Doral and West Kendall. West Kendall OBGYN offers the highest levels of women’s health care in adolescent gynecology, general gynecology, and menopausal conditions. Our team of highly skilled doctors and dedicated specialists includes experts in urinary incontinence and minimally invasive surgeries. The team also includes renowned infertility specialists who can help women with both the medical and emotional impact of their condition. West Kendall OBGYN is on the cutting-edge of modern gynecology and offers all of the latest in gynecological procedures and obstetrical care, including robotic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and pelvic floor reconstruction. Our state-of-the-art facilities are fully equipped to handle multiple in-office procedures.  Proudly, we have been using HIPAA-compliant electronic medical records since 2007. Out online portal affords patients the convenience of appointment requests and viewing results from anywhere and at any time. At West Kendall OBGYN, the patient is our top priority, with total health and well-being as our goal.