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Pelvic Floor Reconstruction

If you suffer a pelvic organ prolapse that non-surgical treatments do not fully resolve, pelvic floor reconstruction may be the best solution for lasting relief. At West Kendall OBGYN, serving the Doral, Kendall and West Kendall areas of Miami, the medical team includes highly experienced surgeons who perform full pelvic floor reconstruction to return your pelvic organs and tissues to ideal placement and function. Use the online scheduler or call to book your appointment today.

Pelvic Floor Reconstruction Q&A

What is Pelvic Floor Reconstruction?
When non-surgical treatments like Kegel exercises or pessaries don’t help with pelvic organ prolapse, your West Kendall OBGYN doctor may recommend pelvic floor reconstruction. During this surgery, your doctor repairs the weakened pelvic floor to restore it to normal function.

What are the Types of Pelvic Organ Prolapse?
The types of prolapse are:

Uterine – prolapsed uterus
Cystocele – prolapsed bladder
Rectocele – prolapsed rectum
Vaginal vault – prolapsed upper vagina
Enterocele – prolapsed small intestine
Urethrocele – prolapsed urethra

It’s possible to have multiple prolapsed organs, which may require a more complex surgical repair.

What are the Surgery Options for Pelvic Floor Reconstruction?
There are many types of pelvic floor reconstruction, with the specific surgical repairs depending on which prolapsed organs you have. Two common types are:

Native Tissue Repair: With native tissue repair, your West Kendall OBGYN surgeon sews weakened tissue together to reinforce it.
Transvaginal Graft: Another option for pelvic floor reconstruction is a transvaginal graft, in which your surgeon uses a strong section of biocompatible mesh as a stand-in for weakened tissue, and then stitches it into place.

Some pelvic floor reconstructions are done with laparoscopic or robotic methods, using only small abdominal incisions.

The West Kendall OBGYN doctors can treat even the most severe pelvic organ prolapse with advanced surgical options, regardless of your age.

What is Recovery Following Pelvic Floor Reconstruction Like?
Recovery can vary from one woman to another, based on your specific type of prolapse and what type of surgical repair you need. You may stay in the hospital for one night after a pelvic floor reconstruction, but the bulk of your recovery happens at home.

Your West Kendall OBGYN surgeon typically prescribes an antibiotic to prevent infection, as well as pain medication to manage your discomfort in the days immediately after your surgery. Your doctor advises you regarding incision care and activity levels. Although you can’t return to strenuous physical activity for some time, you can often resume mild-to-moderate activity sooner than you think.

The West Kendall OBGYN team includes experts in gynecological surgeries like pelvic floor reconstruction, and they’re ready to help you make a full recovery. Book your appointment through the online scheduler or by phone today.