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Well Woman Exam

Women have a unique set of health needs, and they all-too-often place those needs at the very bottom of a lengthy to-do list. If you’re overdue for a well-woman exam, take a moment today to call West Kendall OBGYN, serving the Doral, Kendall and West Kendall areas of Miami, to set up an appointment. Online scheduling is also available, allowing you to book an exam from the comfort of your home at any time of day or night. Make today the day you make your health a priority.

Well Woman Exam Q&A

What is a Well-Woman Exam?
A well-woman exam is the foundation of women’s health and the starting point for a wide range of medical needs. These visits are your opportunity to get the routine screenings you need to maintain great health, and to express concerns over any changes you’ve experienced since your last visit.

Well-woman exams at West Kendall OBGYN are also the setting where you can ask questions about any element of women’s health, from how to manage stress and anxiety to the best ways to protect against sexually transmitted disease. You can explore birth control options, infertility care, or menopause treatment, depending on your needs.

What Happens During a Well-Woman Exam?
During the initial portion of your visit to West Kendall OBGYN, you sit down with your practitioner and discuss your health history, including any symptoms or changes you’ve noticed. Next, your doctor performs a breast exam to check for signs of tissue abnormalities.

A pelvic exam follows. You recline on the exam table or chair with your feet held in comfortable supports. Your doctor uses a special instrument called a speculum to gently open your vaginal walls to view your cervix and surrounding tissue.

A Pap smear often occurs during this portion of the exam. This quick test includes a collection of cells from your cervix. You may feel a brief cramping sensation as your doctor uses a small spatula or brush to collect those cells. Pap smear testing is the leading diagnostic tool for cervical cancer, and you get your results a week or so after your exam.

Additional screenings may be performed during your well-woman exam, depending on your specific needs.

How Can I Prepare for My Well-Woman Exam?
If this is your first visit to West Kendall OBGYN, it may be helpful to bring in a written record of your personal and family health history. Include a list of any medical conditions you’ve received treatment for, as well as any medications or supplements you’re currently taking.

You might also want to compile a list of questions for your doctor. It’s easy to forget something during your exam, and having your questions in writing ensures you get the information you need.

Another tip is to be prepared to write down the advice your doctor provides during your visit. This is an opportunity to get personalized health and wellness guidance, and writing down the details will help avoid missed information.

When you’re ready to get started, call West Kendall OBGYN or use the online booking tool to set up your well-woman exam today.