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Yeast Infections

If you’re all-too-familiar with itching, burning, and other symptoms of yeast infections, it’s time to stop the suffering at last. At West Kendall OBGYN, serving the areas of Doral, Kendall and West Kendall in Miami, the friendly and caring doctors have the solutions that can help you end the yeast infection misery, even if they occur during pregnancy. Click the online booking tool or call for yeast infection help now.

Yeast Infections Q&A

What is a Yeast Infection?
Yeast infections are a common problem that affects up to 75% of all women during their lifetime. The Candida fungus that causes yeast infections is present in your body naturally, and, in fact, it’s part of a healthy balance in your vagina normally. But, when the balance is off, the Candida multiplies rapidly to cause a yeast infection.

What Causes Yeast Infections?
A number of different things can cause the Candida imbalance that triggers a yeast infection, with some of the most common including:

Hormone changes during menstruation
Estrogen spikes during pregnancy
Birth control pills with high estrogen levels
Hormone replacement therapy
Diabetes, especially if uncontrolled
Weak immune system
Antibiotics that decrease healthy bacteria in your vagina

Sexual intercourse doesn’t cause yeast infections. But, it can cause other vaginal infections, including trichomoniasis or bacterial vaginosis.

What are the Symptoms of a Yeast Infection?
A yeast infection can be quite uncomfortable, typically causing some or all of the following symptoms.

Thick, lumpy, white vaginal discharge
Vaginal itch
Vaginal inflammation and redness
Vaginal swelling
Vaginal burning
Vaginal dryness
Pain during intercourse

A yeast infection usually doesn’t smell, although it may have a mild yeastlike odor. If there’s an offensive odor, it is more likely to be another infection, possibly transmitted sexually.

How is a Yeast Infection Treated?
Yeast infections are generally easily treated with over-the-counter antifungal medicines. One, three, and seven-day treatments are all available. But, it’s not advisable to self-diagnose a yeast infection unless your gynecologist has diagnosed and treated you for the identical symptoms in the past.

Up to 89% of yeast infection self-diagnoses are wrong. It’s very easy to confuse a yeast infection for other types of vaginal infections, so if your symptoms don’t resolve quickly, it’s best to see your West Kendall OBGYN doctor promptly for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Your doctor can also help you prevent yeast infections in the future with lifestyle changes and medication management.

Yeast infections are frustrating, especially if they’re a chronic issue. The skilled team at West Kendall OBGYN is here to help you put yeast infections permanently behind you, so use the online scheduling tool or call the office nearest you to book an appointment today.